Doggie Dining Etiquette is essential to taking your dog out to eat or drink. Many restaurants across the country are welcoming dogs on their patios and rooftop gardens. Now’s the perfect time to start bringing your dog to a restaurant too.

Follow these tips for taking your dog to a dog friendly restaurant:

1.  Make sure your dog is well behaved in public
If your dog is unruly or aggressive with other dogs please don’t bring him or her.

2.  Call Ahead
You should also call ahead to make sure the restaurant’s policies haven’t changed.

3. Feed your Dog before you go
Your pup might beg or try to get your food if he’s hungry and everyone around him is eating.

4  Bring a Portable Water Bowl
Some but not all
 dog-friendly restaurants have extra bowls for dogs, but it’s better to be prepared. Slip in a few ice cubes from your drink to keep your dog cool.

5.  Stay Up-to-Date on Shots and Flea Meds
Your dog might meet other doggie diners, so make sure your dog has had his shots and monthly flea and tick preventative.

6. Pick a Less Busy Time to Go
If it’s your dog’s first time at a restaurant, have an early lunch or dinner.

7.  Don’t bring toys or treats for your dog
There might be other dogs there and you don’t want a fight over toys or treats.

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