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standard-title Upload Photo of Your Dog at Dinner

Upload Photo of Your Dog at Dinner

Show off your on-the-town pooch! We’ll display your dining doggie on our website, just upload a photo.

DISCLAIMER: You are freely giving your photograph and/or other image type (“image”) to PetFriendlyRestaurants for use on this website as is deemed appropriate. You are doing so with the understanding that you will not be compensated in any way. If you wish to retain sole copyright to image, and/or are asking for attribution, payment, or other compensation for image, DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGE. If, after uploading image, you decide that you do not wish PetFriendlyRestaurants to use it, please CONTACT US for removal.

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    Please tell us the name and location of the restaurant, eatery, bar, or other establishment you visited with your dog.

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